Will my baby’s bottle fit the Lil Moo Portable Bottle Warmer?

The following bottles do not need an adapter:

AVENT, Chicco Perfect 5 & Original Touch, Minbie, Combi, Dodie, Lasinoh, Richell, Spectra, Harmony, Tiny Bloom

The following brands do need an adapter: (they can be found here)

Medela, Pigeon Slim & Wide Neck, Dr. Browns Narrow Neck & Wide Neck, NUK Standard/Wide Neck/Ultra Wide Neck, Tommee Tippee, MAM, Haakaa, Como Tomo, Boon Nursh, Ola Baby, BIBS

Please note: All adapters have an additional insert sealing ring, which keeps the connection between baby bottle and adapter tight. The device is only 100% tight if both sealing rings (heating plate and adapter) are used. If there is liquid leaking, you have most likely forgotten a seal ring.

Get in touch with us if you’re not sure your bottle will fit. If you can’t see your bottle’s brand on our list, contact us

How long will my bottle take to heat?

About 5-10 minutes.

The time will vary based on the temperature of the liquid before you heat it and what temperature is selected. 

Can I heat breast milk in the bottle warmer?

Yes, you can. We recommend you heat breast milk to 37°C, our lowest heating option. The slow heat technology allows the milk to preserve the nutrients and eliminates any chance of any hotspots.

Can I use the Lil Moo Portable Bottle Warmer for larger baby bottles:

We recommend the use of Lil Moo for baby bottles with a content of up to 200ml. It should be noted that the time it takes to warm up the baby bottle depends on the initial temperature and size of the bottle.

How do I use my Lil Moo Portable Bottle Warmer

Pour water or milk into your baby bottle

Keep the bottle upright whilst screwing the warmer on to the bottle (the Lil Moo warmer will be upside down on top of the baby bottle)

Once secure, turn your baby bottle upside down (the attached Lil Moo warmer will now be upright, underneath the bottle)

Press button for desired temperature, 37, 40 or 45°C

The temperature will slowly rise and display on your portable bottle warmer - it will beep once the temperature is reached

Make sure you test the liquid against your skin to ensure a safe temperature, before feeding your baby

 Putting on the Lil Moo lid correctly

After wiping down your Lil Moo place the lid back on firmly (there is a trick for this) so that they stay secure on the bottle warmer: 
1: Put on the dust cover normally
2: Press in with the centre of the thumb to create a vacuum
3: Slightly lift the edge of the dust cover so that air escapes and a vacuum is formed 
4: Ensure correct fit  


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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